Friday, May 25, 2007

A tasty lunch idea

Last weekend I had lunch at a cafe in town. Perusing the menu to see what I could eat within the bounds of the anti-candida diet, I hit upon a jacket potato topped with cottage cheese and pineapple. I don't know if that's a peculiarly British combination; it sounds strange, but it works well. So, I recreated it this lunchtime. I added a sprinkle of paprika and freshly ground black pepper to make it a little more exciting.



Anonymous said...

Sounds really odd and unappealing, but I have been surprised before. I'll be giving it a try some day. :)

Djinn said...

I know - but really, it is very good. Give it a go!

Anonymous said...

the acid of the pinaple cuts through the cottage cheese (it's not a disimilar combination to cheese on toast with ketchup, or a cheese pizza (ie, poatoes is a bit like bread, cheese is very much like cottage cheese, ketchup/sauce is acidic and fruity)). sounds good to me.

i actually came here looking for a tasty way to sell cardboard as food - but now i'm in the mood for a hawiian.

- seanbo (can't remember my password)