Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kicking thrushy butt

Long time, no hear (from me). I thought I had kicked thrushy butt, but recent events have conspired to reveal that, oh no, the Candida is still there wreaking its evil, yeasty ways in my nether regions.

So, while I'm waiting to find out what my surgery/local hospital indeed to do about it, I've returned to Angela Kilmartin's advice:

  • avoid 'sweaty' clothing - though this does mean that I might have to give up running, which will be a real shame;
  • tighten up the diet - not a lot, but, clearly, too much refined sugar has been passing my lips recently;
  • shower, don't bath;
  • three soup spoonfuls of yoghurt before every meal (yuck); and
  • a tsp of olive oil per day (also yuck).
I should also get my hands on some caprylic acid tablets too. Oh joy.

The moral of this story is stay vigiliant against the thrushy battalions, cowered, but not beaten, ready to attack at the slightest opportunity.