Monday, April 16, 2007

Quick and easy lunch idea

Devised a really simple, yet really yummy lunch idea today - so obvious really, that I don't know why I didn't think about it before.

Spinach Scrambled Eggs

2 large eggs
handful of fresh, baby spinach
olive oil spread
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Rinse the spinach. In a small pan heat a knob of olive oil spread. Add the spinach and gently fry until it wilts (only takes a minute). Remove from the pan and keep warm. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add to the pan (on a low heat) and scramble. When almost cooked, but still moist, return the spinach to the pan. Stir into the egg. Remove the pan from the heat. Season to taste and serve, with oatcakes or potato farls.

The peppery-ness of the spinach works really well with the egg. I guess the resulting dish is really a kind of deconstructed Eggs Florentine!


Jaimi Q. said...

Yummy! It's good...I love lightly sauteed or steamed spinach and eat lots of it. Do you eat your eggs with yolk in? Ciao!

Djinn said...

Yep, I do. Are those prohibited too? :S I'm sick of this damn diet!! *gives an exasperated sigh*

Jaimi Q. said...

No! The Body Ecology Diet prefers the yolk be eaten over the white because it contains more body building protein. I was always the egg white only eater. Now I incorporate a few yolkies here and there...

Djinn said...

Oh, that's a relief! I haven't come across the Body Ecology diet before - I'll look into that. Thanks.