Monday, March 19, 2007

Intriguing Ways to Add Zest to your Menus...!

Nothing to do with the anti-Candida diet, but everything to do with food, an American friend recently sent me a recipe book dating from 1961 and published by the The Chun King Corporation (manufacturer of (loosely) 'Oriental' foodstuffs). It's a wonderful document; it has fantastic kitsch appeal and ties in with my current research with is looking at Western images of post-1949 China.

Quite honestly the recipes sound revolting: Most are standard American fare, 'orientalised' by the liberal use of soy sauce and crushed noodles (???!!!). The colour photography makes the dishes look particularly repulsive.

Fancy any of these appetizing dishes?!!

I particularly like the 'For Men Only' section, bless 'em. ;)

It's all fun. :)

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