Sunday, June 05, 2011

Candida Can be Fun! A Book Report

Wow - doesn't time fly? No updates generally means nothing of any import to report, which is kind of true. Though I am aware that I had promised to give some feedback on the recipes in Rebecca Richardson's Candida Can be Fun!.

Overall I am very impressed. As I said in my last post, the simple fact that Rebecca is British makes it so much easier (for me) to source the ingredients and work out cooking instructions. Yes, North America, we *are* separated by a common language. You wouldn't believe how much time I have spent in the past trying to decipher recipes! A down-to-earth, realistic book with simple and genuinely tasty (and adaptable) recipes has been sorely lacking; an oversight which has been admirably resolved here by Rebecca. I have tried several of her recipes to date, and nothing has put me off trying further ones in the future. For instance:

Beef Mulligatawny Soup on p. 43 is absolutely delicious; really quite special. Though, when it came to it, I rather wished I had not tried to blend it with my handheld. This needs a good whizz in a 'proper' goblet liquidiser. In the future I will use all the same ingredients to make a casserole instead, which will be just as good.

Hungarian Aubergine with Polenta (p. 73) was really tasty. Invest in some good quality paprika for a lovely, full-bodied smoky flavour. I wasn't so thrilled by polenta though - not to my taste. When I make this again, I shall substitute rice.

I've made Sesame Seed Parsnips (p.103) several times. A good, simple recipe that helped me work my way through the enormous quantities of these not-so-favoured-by-me root veg that showed up in my weekly veg box earlier in the year.

Tabbouleh (p. 121) made with quinoa instead of bulgar wheat was fantastic and even better the next day after the ingredients had marinated together in the fridge overnight. Ate it in various combinations with other ingredients over the following three days and didn't get bored.

Courgette and Butternut Squash Pasta on p. 62, has been my only disappointment to date. It's the sort of recipe which really needs cheese - something 'young' and tangy like feta. I was also rather unimpressed with the texture of cold corn pasta (I'd made a big batch for packed lunches). If I make this recipe again I will substitute wholewheat pasta twists. Roasted butter squash is, however, one of the most delicious things ever. So, even if you don't make this recipe, try adding it to salads. Well worth the (minimal) effort.

So, all in all, Candida Can be Fun! gets the thumbs up from me. Well worth the £20 cover price.

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- or direct from Rebecca here.

In other news, would we all agree that The Cardboard Diet needs a make-over? Wordpress is beaconing...

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