Monday, January 14, 2008

Sourdough bread now available at Tescos!

My local Tescos (and, hopefully, those nationally) have started to stock their own freshly baked sourdough bread. They have three different varieties, including a baguette. Oh, happy day!


sunnie said...

Bread is the worst thing for a candida diet, you are just feeding the bad little critters....also wheat pasta is bad too!

Djinn said...

Thanks for your input Sunnie. While I don't assume it's the same case for everyone, I seem to be able to tolerate sourdough bread, i.e. that which is naturally leavened and doesn't contain any sugar or added yeast. In fact, the Candida Society no longer advises people to cut out bread altogether, because sugar seems to be the main culprit in candida overgrowth. (Though, of course, most yeasted bread needs sugar as an activation ingredient, which prohibits it). I have never heard that there was any problem with wholewheat pasta. As far as I am aware there is nothing in it that could cause problems for candida sufferers. Different story for people with a gluten intolerance - but thankfully, that isn't a problem for me.