Sunday, September 02, 2007

Update and latest supplement regime

Okay, so two months ago I was on top of the world (yeasty-beastie wise). I was experiencing my first few candida-free weeks for flipping ages! Sadly, that didn't last. But, while the thrush is most definitely back, it's manageable. Plenty of water seems to prevent the soreness I've always experienced and the (occasional) itching is bearable. So, I feel like I'm still moving forward in my candida recovery, though it's back to baby steps, rather than great leaps forward. However, I'm still off the anti-fungals, which makes me quite hopeful for the future. Having said that, my nutritional therapist has reintroduced a little Oxypro back into my regime just recently, but that is - apparently - to combat the nasty patch of dermatitis that has appeared on my back (I guess - for all I know - that could be fungal too - eugh):

Oxypro 6 - 8 drops (breakfast)
1 x Nutricell Caratenoid Complex (breakfast and evening meal)
1 x Mega GLA (breakfast and evening meal)
1 x Biomagnesium (breakfast)
1 x Lactobacillus (breakfast and evening meal)
1 x Iron (evening meal)

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