Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More good stuff at Marks & Spencers

A couple more good finds from Marks & Spencers:

Lamb Casserole for one, with a mint dumpling. Like the Chicken and Beef Casseroles I've written about before, this dish is absolutely fine for those following the anti-Candida diet, providing you don't have any problems digesting wheatflour. And it's pretty tasty too!

Two chicken breasts with a garlic and herb dressing ('Cook' range). Okay, it would be quite easy to make something similar at home, but it doesn't hurt to cheat occasionally. ;) Again, there's nothing in the dressing which is prohibited on the anti-Candida diet.

Despite my initial reservations, Marks & Spencers seem to be coming out tops in the okay ready-meals stakes!

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