Monday, December 20, 2010

Xylitol Recipes

I'm probably a bit late to the party here (the website looks pretty dated), but I've recently come across a list of recipes that make use of xylitol, including some 'candies and confection' (sweeties and cake?). I intend to have a go at the fudge recipe over Christmas, though I suspect it will turn out more 'truffley' than 'fudgey'.


shinywhiny said...

I wish i could have xylitol but dont think its allowed on the anti-candida diet :( its a real pity cos its a great substitute for sugar.

Djinn said...

Actually, I was under the impression that it was actually the only sugar substitute that *is* allowed - hence why I use it quite a lot.

Katie Keen said...

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and that is why you may have heard that it is not allowed on the candida diet....I use Stevia (because I have a dog and any amount of xylitol is deadly for animals).

Djinn said...

Stevia is banned in the EU, so xylitol is my only option at present.

Anonymous said...

xylitol IS a sugar alcohol although that is misleading to most of us non-chemists. It is not sugar as we generally think of sugar which has to do with chains of carbon. Xylitol has a number of properties, including antimicrobial, that make it useful health-wise including for candida. There is peer-reviewed research that indicates that not only does candida not feed on it but that it may control it.
It was a life saver when I first started dealing with candida a few years ago. Not only was it a useful sweetner but I use it for my sinuses as well. I like that there is no real taste associated with it--can't stand the stevia bitterness.
Yes, it is problematic, even lethal for dogs.
I am careful when I want to share sweets I cook because some folks do have that sugar alcohol response.