Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So.... the doctor prescribed me Canestan cream and a tablet. Like a good girl I took/used them. I dunno what happened, but they must have released all the dormant yeasty-beasties in my system from their slumber; I have ended up with probably the worst thrushy flare-up in years. Scuse me while I screeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm in frustration!

Anyway, back at the doctor's today, during an MOT of my lady bits, I explained the frankly piss-poor treatment I had received from the conventional medical profession in the past. She was really shocked, especially about me being told by a gynaecologist at a hospital which shall remain nameless that I was unlucky and would just have to deal with it (I swear I'd been marked down as 'neurotic'). She revealed that there are LOADS of other treatments to try (besides endless and useless Nystatin pessaries). For starters, she's put me on a course of a fairly heavy-duty anti-fungal treatment (taken orally). I start tomorrow. Here's hoping.

But, just because I have had to resort to medication, I don't intend to stop eating well. The Candida Diet is simply a healthy way to eat (providing it isn't taken to extremes), and I have renewed determination to get back on the straight and narrow, and keep it up.


Terry said...

How is the candida diet going? Also, how did the antifungals work for you that you were put on..... I might need to know for future reference... You never know when this darned candida might crop up again. Terry

Djinn said...

Well, I'm back on track with the diet. Needed this 'kick up the bum' I think! Thought the anti-fungals were working well, but these last couple of days the symptoms have returned somewhat - soreness and a bit of itching. However, am wondering if that's down to the healing process? Hope so!

However, if that's not the case, and it turns out I have a super strain of Candida *rolls eyes* I feel confident that I will get sympathetic, informed and considered medical treatment for once. High time!

Katie Keen said...

I suspect there is something in your diet that is bothering you. for instance, when I first began on the candida diet, my food list said I could have yogurt but I would get earaches when I ate it. You may need to do a little trial and error experimenting....

Also, why not try a natural antifungal? I only used those (changed them monthly) and had great success after a nasty, systemic overgrowth.

Best wishes to you!