Friday, June 26, 2009

Oil-cleansing Method (OCM)

I've recently been experimenting with the oil-cleansing method; I have pretty bad skin for a thirty-three year old. Regularly spotty, blemished, greasy combination skin. On my face, back and recently my chest. I have not been spot free since I was eleven. Rather depressing. I've tried every acne product on the market (most are too harsh), as well as topical antibiotics (which probably didn't help my candida much). The diet helped, especially cutting out sugar. But my skin has remained resolutely 'teenage'.

I had some recent positive results with Faith in Nature skincare products, Freederm and Mario Badescu buffering lotion. But not to my complete satisfaction; although these products are less packed with chemicals, they still contain way too many ingredients for my liking.

I came across a vintage beauty blog the other day. I discovered that Marilyn Monroe used little else than vaseline and olive oil on her skin. I avoid parabens, so that was out. By a process of following links here, and links there, I came across the OCM and decided to give it a go: 3 parts extra-virgin Olive Oil and 1 part castor oil, with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. I massage it well into my skin. Steam with a hot flannel, remassage, steam, remassage, steam and then wipe. Splashing my face with cold water several times replaces toner. And an extra dab of (well massaged-in) OCM mixture to finish as a moisturiser.

To begin with I just used the mixture to cleanse at night. With brilliant results. Skin ungreasy in the morning, very soft. Pores began to de-congest within a couple of days, redness decreased, blemishes began to fade.

Have since started to use the oil/water method for the morning replacing my usual toner/moisturiser/eye-cream/spot-cream regime. It's wonderful under make-up, which sticks all day long! Even eye make-up! Still a few hormonal spots, but I guess my skin is purging.

I am soooooo impressed and wish I'd found out about it much sooner. Definitely worth experimenting with if you have problem-skin, candida and are wary of absorping too many potential allergens/chemicals.

Will keep you all posted on my progress...


Kirin Bir said...

I just came across you blog. I am really interested in this OCM. I am 26 and have what seems to be continually worse acne as time goes by. I always use coconut oil to take my makeup off, but other than that i am constantly testing various methods of cleansers and creams (which work for a few weeks only). I have tried just coconut oil and water, but to no avail. I would be interested to find out how your skin does over time with the castor oil though. Thanks!

Djinn said...

I have to apologise to Love; I deleted their comment by mistake. Luckily gmail had saved a copy of it!

You may also try this Coconut oil because it is one of the most potent natural anti-fungal. It contains Lauric and Caprylic acid, it can easily kill fungi and prevent its recurrence. You can use this in preparing your food. You should also be aware that garlic has anti-fungal properties. It also preserves good bacteria in your body. Onions can fight fungi, bacteria and parasites. It helps in flushing out excessive water and toxins, thus helping Candida patients who have fluid retention.

Djinn said...

I should probably do an update on my skin.

Well, I'm finally clear of acne - woot! But not due to OCM, I'm afraid. Good old 2.5% Panoxyl (benzoyl peroxide) and salicylic acid have worked for me. Not exactly the natural method I would prefer, but cheap and *very* effective.