Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Latest supplement regime

In response to Spence's recent comment, here's my current supplement regime (N.B. Not all of these have been prescribed for Candida-related conditions):

1 x Adult Multivit - breakfast & lunch
1 x P5P - breakfast & dinner (to help combat anxiety and raise mood)
1 x Mycopryl 400 - breakast & dinner
1 x MegaGLA - breakfast & dinner ('good' oils)
1 x Nutricell Caratenoid - breakfast, lunch & dinner (antioxidants)
1 x Bioacidophilus - breakfast & dinner
1 x Histazyme - breakfast & dinner (supports immune system faced with an onslaught of allergic responses!)

As always, I should assert that it is essential to get the support and advice of a nutritional therapist/naturopath before embarking on a similar supplment programme.

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