Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh, how I miss Marmite! :(

Maki at 'Just Hungry' has done a taste test of the new limited edition Guinness version of Marmite.

Tasting Guinness Marmite Just Hungry

Not sure about that particular combination, but it has painfully reminded me of how much I miss the original stuff. Sometimes what I really, really need is a spot of marmite and butter on toast and a nice cup of (normal) tea with - yes! - milk. The ultimate comfort food for all that ails you.

But, I suspect that the inordinate amounts of marmite on toast I ate as a teenager and undergraduate (it was my staple diet) created my blasted yeast problems in the first place. That and an almost equal obsession with golden syrup on bread and butter. Mmmmmmmm - bad food... :)

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