Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vulvodynia, what is that *exactly*?

Here's a couple of humorous write-ups that accurately describe the agony and frustration of vulval pain. Warning: swearing, lots of it!
"I’m ready to take my vagina out of early retirement. I don’t know if I’ll find an effective treatment, but I’ve come to realize I deserve the effort of looking for one."
My thoughts exactly! Meghan Rowland, 'Unlocking the Venus Fly Trap: the horror and humor of coping with vulvodynia'. 

"I had an epiphany. 'F*** that', I thought. 'If nobody else is talking about Vulvodynia I will. It's a medical condition that has absolutely nothing to do with my sexual preferences. Why am I so embarrassed to talk about my vagina?' So I am telling you, the internet, about my broken vagina."
"Considering how common vulvodynia is, it’s shocking how few people know about it. I’ve come to realise that when it comes to women’s health problems, we can’t wait for doctors to figure out what’s wrong and how to help; we have to educate ourselves and our doctors, leading the way in our own healthcare."
 One day I'll 'come out'. In the meantime, I'm telling all my friends individually (if I think they can cope with the TMI-factor)!  The Vagenda, 'TMI Special: Vulvodynia'.

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