Sunday, September 04, 2011

Diabetic Chocolately Awesomeness

I've recently come back from a trip to Vienna, with a brief stop-over in Belgium either side. Belgium is not my favourite place on the planet. Don't try to change my mind; I will stick to my guns. But one of its (few) redeeming features is the range and availability of sugar-free (principally aimed at diabetics) confectionery. I managed to to pick up great slabs of two varieties of chocolate, chocolate coated waffles and a sugar-free Nutella look and taste-alike in a smallish supermarket in a provincial town for around 14 euros. Most of my haul was (I use the past tense as most of it has been consumed already - whoops!) sweetened with maltitol but some made use of a sugar substitute called Tagatose. It tasted okay but I have to confess feeling a little wary of it, it being entirely new to me. Anyone heard of it?

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lc x said...

Just FYI I had a big flare up after eating two chocolate bars sweetened with malitol. Xylitol however does not seem to cause me any problems, and I do use this regularly. Had not even heard of tagatose before now.