Saturday, March 19, 2011

New publication: Candida Can be Fun! (Rebecca Richardson)

Just received my copy of a new Candida recipe book, Candida Can be Fun!, written by Rebecca Richardson - a fellow Candida sufferer. I've only managed to have a quick flick through, but the recipes look great and very suited to my tastes, i.e. lots of Asian and one-pot kinds of meals. And best of all, she's a Brit! So, the ingredients are familiar and easy to source. I shall try out some of the recipes this week, and report back my findings as soon as possible. In the meantime, why not try out the free recipes on Rebecca's website?

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rebecca said...

Hi Djinn

It's Rebecca Richardson, the author here. Just stopped by to say thank you for sharing this with your fellow bloggers. I hope you enjoy the recipes and look forward to hearing what your favourites are. Please join my Facebook page, if you can: "Candida Can Be Fun!" and spread the word that you can regain control of your life whilst eating tasty food! Ta ta for now

Becca :)