Sunday, May 02, 2010

Vegan cupcakes recipes

I've finally located an agave-sweetened fairy cake recipe that works!* The resulting cakes are a little greasy, but fairly light and delicately flavoured. Just remember that using agave does result in a darker colour.

*I haven't yet attempted to candida diet-ise the icing.

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Annisa said...

I'm reaching the point where baking something candida-friendly is REALLY appealing!
Modifications for those still at the 'hardcore' phase of the diet:
- substitute apple cider vinegar for an equal amount of lemon juice
- substitute agave for xylitol crystals and increase the liquids accordingly (agave is high in fructose, i.e. fruit sugars. No point in giving up fruits only to consume the sugars anyway!)
- use a gluten-free self-raising flour + 1 tablespoon of Orgran's Gluten Substitute (or xanthan gum. I haven't tested this myself but it should work)

As for the icing, check out Babycakes NYC has a rather impressive-looking cupcake recipe and icing!