Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recipe: Herby Boulangere Potatoes

Potatoes from Avignon by miladus

Delicious and entirely Candida diet-friendly potato recipe shared by The Cottage Smallholder (providing you use yeast/sugar-free stock powder). Great as a side-dish, or on its own. Economical, frugal, simple and very comforting.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

OCM Update

Kirin recently asked how I was getting on with the Oil Cleansing Method. Well, at the moment, I'm not. You see, it was all going very well. I got a bit cocky. Bought myself some v expensive Bare Escentuals mineral make-up. Initially skin was wonderful, then two weeks in I broke out in whiteheads all over my neck, the sides of my face into my hairline and across my forehead. Being pretty certain (having consulted Mr. Google) that the make-up was to blame, but not 100%, I ditched both the minerals and OCM to allow my skin time to recover from whatever ailed it. Five or six weeks later I still have a lot of whiteheads and inflamed pimples, but since I all-but finished my PhD (yay!) my skin is much improved. I have been using a moisturiser by Green People (no acne-provoking ingredients - see here for what to avoid) and good ol' Corn Silk face powder (from Boots - used it for years, dunno why I stopped in the first place).

This is not to say that I have completely abandoned OCM. I liked the way it made my skin look and feel. And I just loved breaking my servitude to the cosmetics industry. Therefore, once my skin is feeling better I'm going to re-experiment, perhaps with lighter jojoba oil in place of olive (apparently coconut is a comeodonic nightmare, btw!).