Monday, October 20, 2008

Sugar free sweets

I spent last weekend at home in sunny Suffolk. My favourite chocolate shop in Woodbridge - Les Chocolats Belges (OMG! They do mail order!!!) - stocks a really good range of diabetic confectionery, most of which is sweetened with maltitol. Since I was last at home in July they've started to sell even more Candida diet-friendly treats. This weekend I picked up Cavalier White Chocolate (contains milk powder), as well as my usual Extra Dark 72% favourite, and a packet of wine gums, sweetened with maltitol, and manufactured by a Dutch company, de Bron, who make a broad range of sweets. Really 'authentic' taste and texture. I noted that the shop also had chocolate spread and individual Belgian chocolates. Now all I need is for someone to make fudge with maltitol/xylitol - what absolute bliss would that be?!


Hope said...

Sugar free chocolate .... mmmmm. My favourite sugar free chocolate I've come across is Guylian

A diabetic friend told me that sugar free sweets (as opposed to chocolate) often contain yeast, bizarely, so I guess us in the Candida club ought to look out for that!

Qvantumleap said...

I am also on anti-candida diet. And also have a blog where I post my cooking masterpieces of the day (for my two friends who follow the same diet).

Anyway, my little contribution.
I've been told by my doctor not to use the wheat flour, as there might be mold, as well.

P.S. And am off the sweets!!! (*pat, pat, pat on my shoulder*)

Djinn said...

Yep, Hope, Guylian is not half bad too! Re yeast in sweets, sounds bizarre, but frankly nothing surprises me now. Just another example of why it is important to check those lists of ingredients!

Djinn said...

Qvantumleap - well done for kicking the sweets habit!! I must put a link to your blog on the Cardboard Diet.

I have to say I'm not convinced by the mould on grains, in fermented goods, on smoked meat/fish, etc. But, if it works for you stick with it. If this diet has taught me anything, it's that everyone is different. At the moment, and after nearly four years of this diet, I'm pretty certain that sugar is my big problem; I can handle yeast okay. Which allows me to take a few short-cuts, thankfully!

Buxi said...

Hi, i used to eat sweetners until i found that they are bad for out health. I get used to eat things wihtout nothing and it was the best think i did. Food starts tasting better and your cravings just go away.

Djinn said...

I agree Buxi. Synthetic sweeteners like aspartame are EVVVVVIIIIILLLLLLLL! But maltitol and xylitol are derived from natural sources. The latter, in particular, is extracted from birch, has been used in Finland for decades and has been shown to have beneficial attributes, for dental health (reduces plaque, and may even help to rebuild enamel and bone density) and as control candida. Yay! Thus, I am absolutely perfectly happy to ingest it. But, hey, each to their own.