Saturday, June 21, 2008

I want Marmite!

Apologies for the lack of promised recipes; have been mega-busy recently (conferences, writing, etc) and now I've got a filthy cold and hacking cough - oh joy! Just taking a few mins out to see if I can garner any thoughts from you, dear readers, about Candida and Marmite.

When I was little, the fail-save cure for all that ails you in the Djinn household was Marmite on toast, with a nice cup of tea. And, of course, that's just what I'm craving now. As I've previously described, I'm relaxing the diet, so might a spot of Marmite on sourdough toast be okay? After all, it is extracted from an entirely different yeast from Candida albicans, and is packed with B vitamins, which - given the hideous PMT I've been suffering from recently - I clearly need. And sugar is really my problem, right?

Dammit! I'm going to do it. I'm going out and buying a (small) pot of Marmite - hurrah!

Check out the Marmite website, and in particular, the 'hate it' sandwich suggestions. Genius!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi....I just happened to stumble upon your site/blog and I have to say I think it's absolutely brilliant! There are just so many things I can exactly identify with! A love for Marmite is one of them! ;-) I've been boycotting it for about a year (to get rid of this candida nonsense) and I miss it so much!

Did you actually end up having some? And were there any side effects? (my biggest problem is usually coughing and totally blocked sinuses)

Djinn said...

Thanks anital! *blushes* I did end up having Marmite - three days on the trot, in fact - and I can't say I've experienced any unpleasant side-effects as yet. If anything I felt better! :)