Thursday, March 06, 2008

Organic Nut Roast - yuck!

I thought quite seriously about whether or not to post this, but I decided to go ahead, not least because I feel it encapsulates a real problem with the kind of products offered by supermarkets for shoppers following special diets.

I had high hopes for Asda's Organic Nut Roast. The description sounded promising:

Roasted peanuts, carrots, onions, parsnips, red lentils and chick peas, topped with crunchy sunflower seeds.

Yummy in fact. (Yeah, I know, peanuts are prohibited on the anti-Candida diet, but I'm maintaining and besides, what is all that about anyway? What makes peanuts bad, when other nuts are okay?)

Sadly it was really bland. Even a liberal douse in soy sauce couldn't save it. TV programmes like Five's 'Breaking Into Tesco' imply that all new products are rigorously tested and trialed by consumer panels and food tasters, but if that was really the case, how the hell did something as tasteless as this nut roast ever make it to the shelves?! I dread to think what it tasted like in its early development. Yuck. I could do so much better.

Overall, I'm very disappointed. :(


Spence said...

i also thought soy sauce was strictly prohibited because it's fermented...
I'm on the cardboard diet. But I also have other intolerances that have been exacerbated~ dairy, potatoes, carrots, some nuts...makes life very difficult!
good luck-x

Djinn said...

It is when starting out, but I've re-introduced it without any major difficulties. Though it is important to make sure you buy sugar-free soy.

Amanda said...

I think the issue with peanuts is that they may be contaminated with the mold Aspergillus flavus, and molds are definitely a no-no on the Cardboard Diet.