Saturday, August 25, 2007


My nutritional therapist has advised me to eat plenty of sauerkraut, because it is - apparently - chockful of beneficial bacteria. So, yesterday, I dutifully took myself off to Tescos and bought a big jar of fermented cabbage. This evening I had it with sausages and mashed potato. I thought that combination was suitably...err...germanic. But how I'm going to eat the rest of it, heaven only knows. Anybody got any ideas? Crucially the sauerkraut must remain raw, as heat will kill off the helpful bugs.


Anonymous said...

try it in a saurkaut fruit salad with apples and cranberries, um i googled a recipe and substituted dried cut cranberries for the pickles it called for. it cuts down on the tart taste

Djinn said...

Ah - good tip Anon. I'll try it! Thanks.

uno said...

I am very fond of German food. especially the food. I will try to make at home. thank you, your articles are very helpful